About Us
Eatwell Bakery is the first and oldest bakery to be established in Alwar. At Eatwell Bakery, we are committed to quality & customer satisfaction. We got the opportunity to serve our esteemed customers way long back in 1988 & still now we are here to provide them with the best . We have created a refined consistency, with many products, that are chemicals free. The products we offer include cakes, pastries and patties. We have a wide range of products covering every nook & corner of bakery.
Our dedicated bakery staff carefully blends each ingredient to meet our secret recipes' exact requirements and then bakes it to perfection every time to come out with the best ever products. The bakery showroom itself is the best one in Alwar & has got a good reputation through out the Alwar region. We too have a wide range of ready made bakery products covering almost all the major retailors manufacturing bakery products.
Our variety of cakes include Classic Pineapple, Black Forest, Mix Fruit, Tutty Frutty, Royal Butter Scotch, Light Chocolate, Fantasy, Fancy Cake, Strawerby, Blue Berry Cake, Mango Jelly, Pineapple Jelly Cake, which make every occasion of your life special. We provide quality product at a reasonable price. We also have exclusive variety of snacks which include egg patties, paneer patties, patato patties and much more...